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Speakers will discuss the future of obesity, the role of nutrition in weight loss, and new guidance on weight loss treatments.  

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The panel will discuss interstitial lung disease with a focus on post COVID ILD, changes in asthma guidance, artificial stone silicosis, and the future of cystic fibrosis. 

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Speakers will provide the latest updates on endocarditis, intercranial infection and multisystem infections. 

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The panel will explore immunotherapy and its role in gastroenterology, palliative care, and oncology.

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For this session, we will be joined by RCP representatives in East, Central and Southern Africa, Iceland, Malaysia, Iraq, and Pakistan. They will showcase work that’s taking place globally, under the umbrella of the RCP.

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As the use of AI in healthcare increases, people have raised concerns about its impact on health inequalities. In this session, speakers will discuss the positive and negative impacts AI could have on health inequalities and explore how we can ensure the safe and responsible deployment of AI tools in healthcare.

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The Turner-Warwick lecture scheme celebrates the life and achievements of Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, the RCP’s first female president. The scheme gives applicants an opportunity to present their lecture to a wide range of specialists and future collaborators.  

This year’s lecture is entitled, “Identifying viral and autoimmune encephalitis using proteomic and metabolomic profiles in CSF” and will be given by Dr Mark Ellul. 

Video length: 00:22:13

This session will feature an update on the management of headache.

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Greg Whyte, OBE, also known as Super-Greg, is a former olympian and a sports scientist.

Enjoy this 10-minute workout, designed to get your heart rate up.
Greg Whyte, OBE, also known as Super-Greg, is a former olympian and a sports scientist.

Enjoy this 10-minute workout, designed to get your heart rate up. 
Greg Whyte, OBE, also known as Super-Greg, is a former olympian and a sports scientist.

Enjoy this 15-minute workout, designed to get your heart rate up.
In the 1980’s, amidst conflict and war, Dr Waheed Arian and his family made the difficult decision to leave their home in Afghanistan. They crossed the border into Pakistan and stayed in a refugee camp. Whilst there, Waheed met a volunteer doctor who inspired him to start his own journey into medicine.

In this inspirational keynote, Dr Waheed Arian will reflect on his career as a doctor and his international telemedicine charity, Arian Teleheal, which connects local doctors living in low-resource countries and conflict zones with UK-based medics.
In an important general election year, the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for health, wellbeing and social care will be sharing her vision for the future of health and medicine in 2024 and beyond.

Published last year, the NHS long term workforce plan focuses on three main principles: train, retain and reform. In this session, key experts will explore these principles and discuss their impact on the future of the workforce.

This session will focus on the acute management of multi-specialty conditions. Speakers will explore hyponatremia for the acute medic, same day emergency care and acute medicine from the perspective of a head of service.

This session will provide insight into delivering healthcare in a rural setting. It will feature all four of the devolved nations and focus on endocrinology, geriatric and emergency medicine.

In an important general election year, the shadow secretary of state for health and social care will be sharing his vision for the future of health and medicine in 2024 and beyond.

In this session, speakers will examine the scale and costs of health inequalities, and pinpoint how we can tackle this pressing issue. 

This session will explore genetics and ethics and the benefits of genomics. It will also feature the 2024 Goulstonian lecture, entitled, "ending uncertainty: predicting response to breast cancer treatment using tumour profiling and AI”.

Speakers will discuss the interface between intensive care medicine and general medicine, bringing the hospital to the person, and intensive care medicine for patients with learning disabilities.

Get involved with RCP journals. This workshop will help you to understand the rare benefit of fee-free submission for authors with open access for readers, see how they can improve your practice, and learn about plans to influence local and global healthcare delivery. 
Dr Khadija Owusu will open day 2 of the conference, discussing the importance of representation within medicine.

The role of AI is increasing in healthcare. In this topical session, speakers will debate, “is AI the panacea for all problems within healthcare?” with a particular focus on ethics.

What happens to the body when you go to space? Or climb Everest? In this session, we’ll explore extreme physical conditions and the insight they provide into health and treating patients.

The NHS long term plan highlights the importance of prevention in improving the population’s health. In this session, speakers will discuss vaccinations, smoking cessation, and the prevention of alcohol harm and obesity. 

This session will provide the latest updates in sustainability and healthcare.

The panel will explore microbes and gut feelings, practical approaches to chronic abdominal pain, the role of the entero-endocrine system in gut feelings and appetite and managing mood disorders resulting from gut disorders.

In this session, speakers will delve into the unique role of the physician in the multi-disciplinary team and discuss interprofessional working in different scenarios.

Should doctors engage more with the pharmaceutical industry? In this topical session, Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam and others will debate the pros and cons.